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Terezín Memorial - Magdeburg barracks

Increasing capacity of current operation from 150 to 400 meals per day. The project included a draft of the operation, construction documentation, technical report, list of equipment, equipment budget and specifications for tendering of foodservice equipment supplier.


Hradištko - Kindergarten

Analysis of an old operation as to usability of current technologies and a proposal of a new kitchen in new area with a focus on maximum utilization of current technological equipment.


3. Elementary School Slaný - Canteen dishwashing

Analysis of a current old dishwashing centre, which had insufficient capacity and was inadequate as to hygiene, and a study of a new dishwashing centre with requested capacity of 800 clients per day, while decreasing operational costs of dishwashing so the required investment will be repaid through savings.


Elementary School Hovorčovice - Canteen

Analysis of a current state and capacity of the canteen and a draft following by a project for increasing the capacity to the required amount. Removal of shortcomings of the original project and realization.


Prague Airport - Deli kitchen

Extension of a current deli kitchen into new area and increasing the capacity of this section. Adding a bakery and a draft of a new logistic and storage process to complement the increased capacity.


1. Elementary School Slaný - Canteen

Increasing capacity of the canteen according to new school requirement. Adjustment of the expedition area and supplement of foodservice equipment to increase the flow of clients and processes in the expedition area and the kitchen.

3. Elementary School Slaný - Canteen

Analysis of the old kitchen, checkup of current equipment, storage areas and processes. A further analysis through virtual cooking. Drafting a new kitchen using modern equipment and processes to significantly decrease costs and workforce requirements.

Prague Airport - Rental spaces evaluation

Analysis and categorization of rental spaces and their classification as to what type of operation can be run there and what hygiene regulations they can comply with, given the available space.

Broumov - Retirement home

Reconstruction of the second building of the retirement home and moving the old kitchen into new area. Modernisation of logistic, storage and cooking processes, the technologies and preparation processes. Project for building permit.

Beroun - New kindergarten

Project for building permit of a new kindergarten at a local hospital with unique layout and functionaly connected to the hospital kitchen. Minimalistic expedition area.

Plzeň - Depot canteen Slovany

Simple expedition project for employee canteen in Slovany depot. Project for building permit.


Bistro “Vejce Dejvice”

Project of a small bistro with max 25 seats. Includes complete foodservice design from draft, hygiene dept negotiation and construction project. We also made documentation for a change of purpose of the object, which included gathering and making all necessary documentation for all involved departments, their submission and final approval of the new certificate of occupancy.

Café Újezd - Malá Strana

For the owner of a building under the Petřín hill at Malá Strana, we made a complete documentation for foodservice from draft up to the construction project of a small cafe with bistro kitchen. The main building project was made by an architectural company we cooperated with and our documentation was a part of the complete object approval documentation.


Bistro Teplá kačka at Prague 7

Teplá kačka is made by a band of enthusiasts into asian cuisine around a chef Lucie Bártová. She traded her promising IT career in London for a cook's uniform and gathered experience in several restaurants and bistros around the world. This project included complete foodservice documentation from draft up to construction project.

Restaurant in block 2 of a new residential district Žižkov - Nákladové nádraží, Prague - Central Group

A project for a newly designed residential area, that will be built at the site of current Nákladové nádraží Žižkov. The restaurant should bring a sense of classic pizzeria with wood-fuelled oven, pasta and steaks.

Café Farského - Prague

Small craft cafe in a retro style, where a coffee is always prepared with love and enthusiasm. The project included a new certificate of occupancy and advice as to the required process.

Riegrovy sady Prague - Beer Garden and Bistro

Project for building permit and construction projects in the area of a very famous building with huge tradition and atmosphere. Stalls which can take care of a 1000 seats beer garden with unique concept of beer served in glass despite the huge area and outside space. With focus on professionaly draft beer. Other stalls for food and non-alcoholic drinks with unique concept of expedition. Everything designed for minimum queues. Another part was a bistro including future winter garden with a capacity of cca 100 seats. Its range of products focussed on ease of preparation while being modern and interesting.

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